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    This document seeks to address and clarify the small misunderstanding surrounding the GAL (Global Address List) and the OAB (Offline Address Book).

    Oracle updating a view Hot desi sexchat free without creditcard
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    Those of you who frequent the asktom.Web site know that I have an aversion to triggers.

    You can think of a view as a lens looking at one or more tables.

    A view is really nothing more than a logical representation of one or more tables in a database.

    error loading from table 'STG_INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT' to table 'R_INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT' ORA-12048: error encountered while refreshing materialized view "GIM76"."MED_SEG_FACT_EXT_R" ORA-00904: "MAS"."USER_DATA_20": invalid identifier CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW GIM76.

    MED_SEG_FACT_EXT_R PARALLEL BUILD IMMEDIATE REFRESH ON COMMIT AS select -- other columns elided for brevity coalesce(irf.user_data_1,if.user_data_1) as i_user_data_1, coalesce(irf.user_data_2,if.user_data_2) as i_user_data_2, coalesce(irf.user_data_3,if.user_data_3) as i_user_data_3, coalesce(irf.user_data_4,if.user_data_4) as i_user_data_4, coalesce(irf.user_data_5,if.user_data_5) as i_user_data_5, coalesce(irf.user_data_6,if.user_data_6) as i_user_data_6, coalesce(irf.user_data_7,if.user_data_7) as i_user_data_7, coalesce(irf.user_data_8,if.user_data_8) as i_user_data_8, coalesce(irf.user_data_9,if.user_data_9) as i_user_data_9, coalesce(irf.user_data_10,if.user_data_10) as i_user_data_10, coalesce(irf.user_data_11,if.user_data_11) as i_user_data_11, coalesce(irf.user_data_12,if.user_data_12) as i_user_data_12, coalesce(irf.user_data_13,if.user_data_13) as i_user_data_13, coalesce(irf.user_data_14,if.user_data_14) as i_user_data_14, coalesce(irf.user_data_15,if.user_data_15) as i_user_data_15, coalesce(irf.user_data_16,if.user_data_16) as i_user_data_16, coalesce(irf.user_data_17,if.user_data_17) as i_user_data_17, coalesce(irf.user_data_18,if.user_data_18) as i_user_data_18, coalesce(irf.user_data_19,if.user_data_19) as i_user_data_19, coalesce(irf.user_data_20,if.user_data_20) as i_user_data_20, -- other columns elided msf.rowid as msf_rid, if.rowid as if_rid, cust.rowid as cust_rid, vrf.rowid as vrf_rid, irf.rowid as irf_rid from gim76.r_mediation_segment_fact msf, gim76.r_interaction_fact if, gim76.customer cust, gim76.r_voice_res_fact_ext vrf, gim76.r_interaction_resource_fact irf where msf.interaction_id = if.interaction_id and msf.target_ixn_resource_id = irf.interaction_resource_id ( ) and cust.customer_key ( ) = irf.customer_key and irf.ixn_res_fact_ext_key = vrf.voice_res_fact_ext_key ( ); syntax, of what that refers to.

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