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Hello, I need to perform an update of SAP Kernel 7.21 from the patch level 402 to 810 in OS400 (IBM iseries platform). - APYSAP TYPE(*KERNEL) SID(< SID>) DSTLIB(SAPSIDUKRN) I) delete all SQL packages using following command. 3) Apply the above fix using following command APYR3FIX SID(SID) SAVF(R3FIX700U/APYR3FIX) SAVLIB(GEN700UOPT) KRNLIB(SAPSIDUC) APYR3FIX SID(SID) SAVF(R3FIX700U/APYSAP) SAVLIB(GEN700UOPT) KRNLIB(SAPSIDUC) APYR3FIX SID(SID) SAVF(R3FIX700U/LODSAPKRN) SAVLIB(GEN700UOPT) KRNLIB(SAPSIDUC) Part 2 - Apply new kernel SAPEXE. 2) create one file using notepad called parts ( w/o extension) parts file having following content. - LODSAPKRN DEV(*STMF) MNTPNT('/KERN') KRNLIB(SAPSIDUKRN) USERDEF(*YES) LIST('/KERN/PARTS') 6) Now Apply the new kernel to SAP System using following command. - EDTLIBL press enter replace old kernel entry i.e SAPSIDUC with new one SAPSIDUKRN h) activating the new kernel using following command.