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Also besides the 99 they require you to pay 0 for the Medicine package... They drive very close to you and they'll cut you off. Anyways I got to the Clinic Tijuana isn't the nicest looking place. We waited for a while then the lady took me to the back to ask me my medical history. Instead of handing me a packet and making me do it myself. After this they took my blood " I have small veins" they had a hard time finding a place to draw my blood. I can't tell you how many times I went to the hospital and I would have bruises because I was stuck so many times because they couldn't find were to draw from. Omg everytime I needed something she would say don't move here I come are you okay when I would move around alot in the bed. That whole night I pretty much was tired I peed all night long. They didn't have to check the car or anything just asked why we were in Mexico. We got to the airport the driver got out helped with bags. I got Jen my vsg buddies phone number to stay in touch. Omg her husband spoke Spanish so he translated when I needed him to. If you're not comfortable talking about sex then this isn't what you wanna hear. First time having sex since surgery and something isn't right.