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– 1 1 = How to Have a Successful and Happy Christian Marriage Bach, George & Wyden, Peter-The Intimate Enemy Ball, Ron – How to Have a Happy Home Bartkowski – Remaking the Godly Marriage* Baker – Value Your Mate* Barbour – Crazy About My Wife The Bible Promise Book Barnes – Intimate Meditations for Couples Banks, David – Draw Me Close – Co-Dependent No More The Language of Letting Go – Daily Meditations on Codependency Bell, James – Christian Family Guide to Married Love Bell, Rob-Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality Bell, Steve & Valerie – Made to Be Loved Bender – Recreating Marriagre With the Same Old Spouse Bienefeld – Do It Yourself – Conflict Resolution for Couples* Billheimer, Paul – Don’t Waste Your Sorrows Blackburn – Caring in Times of Family Crisis Briscoe, Jill – Women in the Life of Jesus Block, Don & Anne – Sailing the Seven C’s of Marriage* Blue, Ron – Master Your Money Boone, Shirley & Pat-The Honeymoon is Over BNA Communications – Choices – 3 VHS videos Brandt, Henry – When You’re Tired of Treating the Symptoms. D-I Don’t Love You Anymore – Boundaries – Face-to-Face Boundaries – When to Say Yes/When to Say No Boundaries In Marriage and Boundaries in Marriage Workbook Cloud & Townsend-God Will Make a Way Coleman – The Marriage Makeover Colon, Jeff – From Ashes to Beauty Congo, David & Janet – Lifemates Conway, Jim & Sally – Your Marriage Can Survive a Mid-Life Crisis Coughlin, Paul &Sandy – Married But Not Engaged Courtney, Camerin & Hertz, Todd-The Un Guide to Dating – VHS: First Things First (12 minutes) The Seven Habits Video Illustrations: I Know Just What You Mean The Law of the Harvest (Reap What you Sow) Survival/Revival (Taking a Break) Mauritius (Strength in Diversity) Stone (Principles) Q 11 Firefighters (World Class) Discovery of a Character (Transcending Problems) A Pretty Close Second (Conflict) Cross, Clay & Renee – I Surrendered All – Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Porn Crossman – Money and Your Marriage Cunningham Ted – Challenging the Unnecessary Delay of Marriage Curtis, Brent & John Eldredge – The Sacred Romance – Book and workbook Cutler, William, M. – Sexual Intimacy in Marriage Family Building, Fact, Fallacy and Faith Embracing Intimacy in Marriage – DVD – The Smart Stepfamily (dvd and book and participant’s guide) Building a Successful Stepfamily Building Smart Stepfamilies – How Churches Can Help (DVD) Help for Stepfamilies – CD Focus on the Family Preparing Couples with Children for Remarriage Seven Steps to Stepfamily Success The Smart Stepdad The Smart Stepmom The Smart Stepfamilies: Issues, Trends and Intervention 2013 Decker – For Love and Money* – Fight Fair One of Us Must Be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You.